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The Cairns rehearsal selfie


"Compassion is the path to change - selfless acts in kindness' name."

- The Cairns

"It only takes a little to scratch the surface of the choices we make and what drives their purpose."

- The Cairns

The Cairns are an ever-evolving band from Buffalo, NY. Composed of main members Joe Mattimore, Tom Sullivan, and Hal Langfur, The Cairns bring a unique blend of rock, roots, and world music to stages across the Western New York region. Their songs and lyrics combine philosophy about life in the universe and personal stories to project good vibes and thought-provoking grooves.

With their third release, "Thrice Accord", the band has built on a solid catalog of original songs. The Cairns are currently in their fifth year of a residency at the famous Tudor Lounge, presenting their Happiness Hour every third Friday of the month 5-7pm (as soon as things open back up!).


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